Stop worrying about your front-end per­for­mance.
I’ll take care of it.

Hi, I’m Ivan Akulov, a consulting front-end developer.

I can help you optimize your front-end app or site, make your users more satisfied and increase your conversion:

Why performance is important

Slow apps earn less. As Aberdeen Group learned, slowing down the page loading by 1 second leads to 7% loss in conversions.

+1s in loading time is −7% in conversions

Slow sites get lower in the search results.

Users dislike slow apps. Up to 40% will abandon a website if it loads in more than several seconds.


I’ve helped several projects:


Optimized size of the Polished library, dropping it from 16 KB to 7.9 KB (in my setup). Case study

That is awesome! Thank you for putting in that work

51% smaller

A major Eastern European hosting provider

Analyzed a hosting panel and explained how to decrease the loading time by approximately 60%. Analysis is to be implemented soon. Case study

60% smaller

I can help you too

I offer three options:


for analyzing the app performance once.

I’ll analyze your app and build a detailed report with specific suggestions. Your developers will have to make the changes on their own (through I might consult a bit).

Example of a report


for analyzing and improving the app performance once.

I’ll analyze your app and improve the performance myself. And you won’t need to distract your developers from delivering new features.

Don’t worry about spending too much. We’ll discuss the scope of the analysis and the changes before I do them and choose the most valuable improvements.


for analyzing and improving the app performance every month.

Once per month, I’ll analyze your app and fix all the performance issues I can find. You’ll never ever have to think about performance problems again and distract your developers from new features.

To make this reliable, we’ll define specific performance budgets (loading time or bundle size), and I’ll keep the app inside them.

The first month will be priced like the $90/hour plan.

In every option, I’ll work with the loading performance of your app + rendering performance of app pages.

Currently, I focus on apps and sites written with React or without framework. That’s my primary expertise.
Want me to help you with another app? Let’s chat.

A non-commercial project? I might help you for free if I’m not busy. Write me.


Who are you?

I’m Ivan Akulov, a front-end developer. I give talks and write about web performance, webpack and React.

How long will the analysis take in the $900 plan?

7 days, counting from the day after I get the access to your code.

How long will your work take in the $90/hour plan?

This depends on the complexity of your app. But I’ll work as fast as possible.

What about ...?

Have another question? Write me at